Reset Salad

Reset Salad

What you need:

• 2-3 cups of chopped romaine
• 1 cup arugula
• 2 cups oven roasted sweet potato
• 1 cup shredded oven roasted chicken
• 1 cup oven roasted red pepper
• 1.5 cups fresh corn
• 1 Royal gala apple

Dressing (I didn’t measure 🥺)

• red wine vinegar
• dijon mustard
• honey
• evoo


• oven roast your sweet potatoes, chicken and peppers (I have a few reels on how I do this)
• boil your corn (5-6 min), chop your romaine, apples and make your dressing * tip to stop apples from browning - add fresh lemon juice *
• once your food in the oven is ready, assemble your salad, add your dressing, mix and enjoy!

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