Easiest Mango & Papaya Salmon Tacos!

What you need:

• 3/4 cup papaya
• 3/4 cup mango
• half avocado
• 1/4 cup cilantro
• salt to taste
• juice of half a lime
• 2-3 filets of salmon (I get mine from @loblawson
• @sietefoods wraps
• cilantro - add as much of as little as you’d like

Lime yogurt:

•  3/4 cup Greek yogurt
•  juice of half a lime


• add your chopped papaya, mango, avocado, cilantro, salt and like juice to a bowl and mix
• next, add lime juice to the green yogurt, mix and set aside
• pan sear your salmon; these are marinated (season as you wish) and cook to your desired doneness
• on a cast iron skillet or pan, grill your tortilla shells and build as you wish! I like to start with the like yogurt crema at the bottom, followed by chunks of seared salmon, papaya mango salsa and finished with cilantro and more lime

You know I loveeeee tacos;  these are quick to make, perfect for taco night and taste sooooooo good!

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