Five Habits That Set Me Up For Success

Our habits have the power to help or inhibit us 

Choosing better habits set us up for success. These are five habits I practice daily that set me up for success 


SLEEP - SLEEP is a non-negotiable for me; I have packed days with clients, content, this platform and more. Sleeping allows me to show up as my BEST self in every area of my life 

Gone are the days where I would go out with my friends, stay out late, go to school, pull all-nighters and go to an early class the next morning. While I had a lot of fun with my friends, I also felt my worst getting 5-6 hrs/night and functioning at 50-60%.

Now my friends call me a grandma because I like to be in bed by 10:00pm. I love to wash my face, brush my teeth, apply my serums (in this order) and go to bed early. I much prefer being up early, having my me time, and getting a head-start on my day. Getting adequate sleep lets me do that and I feel my best when I sleep enough. Don’t you?

Sleep also ensures that my immune system is strong. “To stay healthy, especially during the influenza season, get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep a night. This will help keep your immune system in fighting shape, and also protect you from other health issues including heart disease , diabetes, and obesity” ( Since making sleep a priority last year, I got sick ONCE and I used to get sick at least 3 or 4 times a year. This one sounds simple, but is it THE most important and sets me up for success by keeping me sharp and energized.


MOVEMENT - Movement is another non-negotiable for me. Whether it's taking a #STRONGGIRLWALK, working out or stretching - movement gives me energy and helps propel me forward. Movement is medicine and my priority is always to feel strong in my mind and body.

Moving, exercising & sweating releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy; so I do the things that make me happy. You never regret a good workout and the energy you get after a great workout cannot be replaced; it literally gives you energy and the best mood boost!


JOURNALING - journaling is a way to not only release your thoughts and emotions, but it’s also a way to help you make sense of what you’re thinking and feeling. Getting your thoughts and feelings sorted, helps you go into your day with more clarity and peace which makes problem solving easier and daily stresses more manageable. This is how we set ourselves up for success. Tools like journaling that quiet and calm the mind so we can tackle our day!

MEAL PREP /PRIORITIZE PROTEIN - meal prepping + prioritizing protein is hands down one of life’s best hacks because it literally sets you up for success 

To keep it very simple - when it comes to your diet, having food & protein prepared prevents you from a) snacking on random things b) prevents you from ordering and c) keeps you in control of what's in your food and how much protein you're getting.

When it comes to protein specifically - protein is what keeps you full the longest. 

When it comes to weight training and wanting to “tone”, protein is what helps you build and define your muscles 

And when you’re sick - did you know that increasing your protein helps you recover faster? That’s because proteins help you repair and strengthen your muscular and immune system

 Since increasing my protein and eating a minimum of 100g of protein a day, I stay fuller, longer, my body composition has changed and my immune system is stronger- check our post completely dedicated to the power of protein  


While we love our habits, life is about having too and experiencing all it has to offer. Part of our SWKM Healthy Habits includes having fun because having fun is what allows us to feel fulfilled in a way that only having fun can do 


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