5 Ways To Keep a Cold Away

It's the season for runny noses and unstoppable sneezing

I, like you, used to end up sick after not listening to my body; those days are gone because I now prioritize the things I need to keep me and my immune system strong 

Today I’m sharing 5 ways you can keep a cold at bay


5 Ways to Keep a Cold Away



8 hours of sleep has been proven to help your immune function better.
I know a lot of people who tell me that they sleep 5-6 hours a night. Like, how? I cannot function without 8 hours of sleep. After putting my body to the test many times, I’ve learned that sleep cures a lot!



Get your sweat on!
Working out is a great way to prevent getting the cold and flu virus. In addition to giving you endorphins, working out also enhances your immune function.



Staying hydrated is KEY especially as the weather drops; there is less moisture in the air and our organs and brain need hydration to function 




 Nutrition plays a major role in keeping your immune system strong. Keeping extremely processed foods + sugars, low & eating more whole nutrient dense foods, keeps your immune system strong  



 Managing stress also plays a role in keeping your cold at bay; When our cortisol (stress hormone) is high, our immune system becomes compromised. Managing your stress is key. A few things you can do daily are: daily #stronggirlwalks , journaling, meditating, working out and talking to a therapist 


We want you to feel your best, always - try a few of these and let us know how you feel 







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